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August 1st 1989, Tuesday
Miles run today 23.7
Total miles run 1594.5
From Annan to A75 near Shawhead, 7 miles west of Dumfries
Map of run

From Annan I ran 17 miles to Dumfries with only a ten minute break after 9 miles. I felt shattered but I needed to go in search of accommodation. I left Ted and Nigel collecting funds in the town centre. I tried a number of hotels but none would give us free accommodation, so I tried the Tourist Information Centre. They gave me a list of hotels but as I went down the list they were all full. I had no choice but to go back to the earlier hotels and pay for accommodation. When I got back to Ted and Nigel there seemed to be a bit of animosity between them. Nigel wanted to know why I had been so long. I explained it took me ages to find accommodation. Ted then had a go at Nigel for even asking that question, saying I had enough to do running all those miles without having to look for accommodation. Nigel didn't look happy at Ted's response so you can say that the happy atmosphere we had when Nigel first arrived has now disappeared.

On the second run, I ran just over 6 miles and marked up after completing over 23 miles.

August 2nd 1989, Wednesday
Miles run today 23.7
Total miles run 1618.2
From A75 near Shawhead, 7 miles west of Dumfries to the A75 near the B727 at Gatehouse of Fleet
Map of run

In the morning I ran eleven and a half miles to Castle Douglas and then went off in my usual search for accommodation. Ted and Nigel raised funds and I hoped they would get on better today. As I went from hotel to hotel, each one was full and the reason for it was a fair on in the town tomorrow. I went back to Ted and Nigel and we continued collecting money for another couple of hours and taking it in turns to eat lunch. The second run took me to Gatehouse of Fleet. It was a 12 mile journey, which took my total mileage for the day to nearly 24 miles.

After marking up I went in search of accommodation and again a lot of places were full. Eventually at 7 p.m. I got lucky at the Murray Arms Hotel in Gatehouse of Fleet who gave us free rooms. We were all tired, but we had jobs to do. Ted counted up the money we had collected that day and it came to £185. It is a good amount and the people of Scotland are proving generous. I spent what was left of the evening typing up a news report to Jane Arnell at the Imperial Cancer Research in London, so it could be sent to the media. Nigel went off in the backup van to a huge barbeque in town to collect more funds.

I got in touch with the manager at Wyndham's Theatre who told me Jeremy would be returning to the play, The Secret of Sherlock Holmes on Friday. It was good news as it meant he was obviously feeling better.

August 3rd 1989, Thursday
Miles run today 26
Total miles run 1644.2
From A75 near the B727 at Gatehouse of Fleet to 5 miles west of Newton Stewart ( A75), near the B735
Map of run

Ted and Nigel had a row this morning because Nigel had been late bringing the backup van back. Ted told me he had to get out of bed at 11.30 p.m. last night to see where he had got too and he was none too pleased about it. Knowing that Ted could be difficult at times I asked Nigel his side of the story. He told me he had collected £50 but he did not like Ted very much as he was always having a go at him. Nigel told me he is going to leave on Friday when we reach Stranraer. I tried changing his mind, but he really had had enough.

I ran 20 miles nonstop so we could begin collecting funds in Newton Stewart as soon as possible. I felt shattered when I got there, which made me annoyed with myself. After I had run 18 miles to Blackpool nonstop on July 21st, I said I wouldn't run that distance again without a short break. It just takes so much out of me, especially as I then have to spend so much time on my feet looking for free hotel rooms, which can take as much as 3 hours sometimes. This is followed by standing in town centres raising funds and then another run. Anyway, I'm just moaning because I am tired. We managed to raise £120, which is really good and I got accommodation at the fifth attempt although we had to pay a small fee.

On the second run along the A75, I was stopped by a woman in her car who got out, shook my hand and said what I was doing was wonderful. She told me about her dear friend who had died from cancer yesterday. Each day I meet people with sad stories. I just wish the national media would show an interest in what I am doing so I can help more people who suffer from cancer. I know that once people hear about my run and they understand why I am doing this, they will give donations.

August 4th 1989, Friday
Miles run today 22.9
Total miles run 1667.1
From 5 miles west of Newton Stewart ( A75), near the B735 to Innermessan north of Stranraer
Map of run

We set off early today to get to Stranraer, which was 20 miles away. I ran 10 miles and rested for an hour and then run the other 10 miles. We headed for the Imperial Cancer Research Fund charity shop as the staff was expecting us and they were really helpful. One lady suggested I contact the North West Castle Hotel and I went around there right away and was given free accommodation. We were then pointed in the direction of Bar Pazzerello for lunch and the manager Romano Petrucci gave us a free meal. He told me he had been in Canada when Terry Fox did his Marathon of Hope across Canada. Romano invited us to come back in the evening when he would give us another free meal. What a nice man.

I went with Nigel to the station as he was leaving for London today. I really appreciated all his efforts and I was sorry he had decided to go. Nigel informed me that Ted had really got on his nerves and that he couldn't stand being around him anymore. I thanked Nigel for all he had done and wished him well.

During the second run of the day the quad muscle in my right leg felt really sore, so I stopped after 3 miles.

I managed to speak to Jeremy in the evening and it was great to hear his voice again. He told me he felt better although not a hundred percent.


August 5th 1989, Saturday
Miles run today 28.6
Total miles run 1695.7
From Innermessan, north of Stranraer to Girvan (A77)
Map of run

It was 9 a.m. when I set off from Innermessan and my right leg was still sore after yesterdays run. It was hard going and I was feeling exhausted by the time I completed fifteen miles and reached Ballantrae, so much so, that I collapsed in a heap on the ground. Luckily Ted was alert and stopped the backup van; otherwise I would have been run over. As I was staggering to my feet a man came out of his house and offered us tea. The man's name was Billy and later his wife Carol came home and gave us soup and bread, which was very enjoyable and much needed. They were very nice people and told us about a town fete being held today and it would be a good idea if we parked the backup van and collected money. This we did and we collected £40.

The second run along the A77 to Girvan was made more difficult by the weather. The rain continued throughout the journey but many people in their cars pulled over to give us donations. Word soon spread to the villages ahead of us about Ted and me raising money for cancer research and people waited in the rain outside their homes to give us donations. It is moments like this that makes all the effort and everything we have gone through, worthwhile.

I've worked out that if I run 25 miles every day, I will complete just over 4,000 miles and reach London on November 12th.

August 6th 1989, Sunday
Miles run today 21.7
Total miles run 1717.4
From Girvan (A77) to Ayr
Map of run

After running over 28 miles yesterday, my legs felt tight and painful today. The run was so hard going that on more than one occasion, I felt like crying. I tried to think of anything but the running, but this was hard to do as the pain was almost unbearable. We took a break in Maybole on the A77 and I told Ted I would finish the run in Ayr, which would mean I would complete over 21 miles today. This seemed to annoy Ted and when we met up with his wife Betty and a couple of his friends later that evening, Ted took great delight in telling them I had an easy day. Betty is a lovely and sensible lady and she had a go at Ted telling him if I overdo it, I could get injured again.

I have decided that I am no longer going to let Ted upset or annoy me anymore. All I want him to do is to continue driving the backup vehicle and that will be enough for me. I am too tired to argue or to try reasoning with him. He obviously enjoys winding people up like he did with Nigel and if it is that, that keeps him going, it is ok with me. I am more than grateful to him for giving up his time to drive the backup van. Being away from home is not easy. Nevertheless, I just wish he was easier to get on with and that he would let the sense of humour that he has got, come through. I know it isn't exciting driving ten minute miles, hour after hour until I reach my destination and further hours standing around fund raising. But Ted should realise that we are doing some good and that in itself should make him happy and more pleasing to be around. I know I'm not always a bundle of fun, especially when I'm tired, and I get annoyed too, especially today when a reporter agreed to meet us at 3 p.m. and we stopped collecting early, then he never showed up. But despite everything I still try and stay optimistic and I just wish Ted would do the same. Bless him.

Free accommodation at the Station Hotel in Ayr.


August 7th 1989, Monday
Miles run today 25.1
Total miles run 1742.5
From Ayr to Stevenston (A78)
Map of run

I headed for the A77 out of Ayr and then the A78 towards Irvine. On our approach to Irvine there was a sign showing 'Town Centre West' and 'Town Centre East'. We chose west but when we got there, there was nothing but an industrial site. I ran an extra 4 miles as I tried to figure out the route to the shopping centre and by then I had run a total of 18 miles since leaving Ayr and my right leg was really painful. I then went looking for accommodation but had no luck at all. I felt so deflated, miserable and I guess, sorry for myself. I'm trying my best and still there is not enough publicity about my run and opportunities lost to raise more money. Just as I was about to go into one big sulk, a lady came out of the Imperial Cancer Research charity shop, saw us fund raising and came over. Her name was Elizabeth Hay and when I told her about us, she offered us accommodation at her home. I had further to run so I said we would come to her home later. The second run took us out of Irvine along the A78 to Stevenston. By the time we got to Elizabeth's home, a hot meal had been made for us, plus we had the offer of breakfast the next morning and our dirty clothes washed. I really appreciated the help Elizabeth gave us.

As we talked, Elizabeth told me she helps out the Cancer Care Unit in Irvine. Elizabeth also wanted to know why there had been no publicity in Irvine about our arrival. I told her that I make numerous calls from phone boxes as I journey along the road, but it is hard to get any interest from the national media and local newspaper reporters would only meet us when we reach their town and by the time the report has come out, we have moved on. Elizabeth asked what help had the Imperial Cancer Research given us. I told her that I been told that publicity would be arranged in Scotland, but so far we haven't had it in every place we have arrived in.

August 8th 1989, Tuesday
Miles run today 25.1
Total miles run 1767.6
From Stevenston (A78) to Greenock
Map of run

When I set off from Stevenston I was worried that my right leg would be sore, but surprisingly it didn't hurt at all. It is amazing how quickly the body recovers from such a punishing ordeal. It was a steady run along the A78 through Saltcoats, Ardrossan, West Kilbride and onto Largs where we stopped for lunch. I didn't have to look for accommodation because the manager at the Station Hotel in Ayr where we stayed a couple of nights ago had phoned on our behalf to the Central Hotel in Glasgow and got us free accommodation. I did however have a lot of phone calls to make so I left Ted fund raising. After speaking to people at BBC Radio and the Glasgow Evening Times, they said they would meet us at Erskine Bridge tomorrow at 2.30 p.m. The second run of the day took us to the outskirts of Greenock.

I spoke to my sister Helen on the phone and she told me that the company she works for, Alfred Dunhill Ltd will give us £150 towards expenses. Brilliant.

August 9th 1989, Wednesday
Miles run today 24.9
Total miles run 1792.5
From Greenock to Dunbarton
Map of run

I ran the 17 miles to Erskine Bridge without stopping so we would be on time for the people from BBC Radio and the Glasgow Evening Times. I needn't have bothered because neither of them turned up. Ted and I were really angry as we could have used the time to raise money for the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. We decided to mark up and dive into Glasgow for lunch at Olivers. The Assistant Manager was superb. Apart from a free meal, we were given cakes and bread to take with us. We then returned to Erskine Bridge and I continued running to Dunbarton. A reporter from the local paper met us and after I told him my story, he gave a £20 donation. A few minutes after the interview a little girl spoke to me and asked me why I was running and when I told her it was to raise money for cancer research, she gave me ten pence from her pocket money. The little girl then told me the heartrending story of her mother who got cancer 3 years ago.

As we had no luck with hotels in Glasgow, we went to the Rosslea Hall Hotel in Rhu and the lady at reception was really impressed when I told her what I was doing. Ted and I were given free accommodation for two nights and she said she would organise a collection amongst the staff.

August 10th 1989, Thursday
Miles run today 25.5
Total miles run 1818
From Dunbarton to Arrochar (A814)
Map of run

We set off from Dunbarton and arrived in Helensburgh to raise funds. At first we didn't seem to get much response then the situation changed and we raised £145. I then carried on running to Arrochar 17 miles away. As we reached Garelochhead it got hilly and I became really tired. It was a case of putting one foot in front of the other and willing myself to keep going. I was helped by the stunning scenery with the mountains on one side and the loch on the other. We had a lot of response too from people passing in their cars and putting money in the collection buckets attached to the wing mirrors. The people of Scotland have been superb since we arrived and so many people have been so kind and helpful.

When we got back to the hotel, the manager Mr. Osbourne presented us with a cheque for £110, which was the result of the collection from the staff. What wonderful people. A local newspaper was on hand to photograph us.

I have written to the Northern Ireland Tourist Board to see if they can advise me about running around Northern Ireland.

August 11th 1989, Friday
Miles run today 25.1
Total miles run 1843.1
From Arrochar (A814) to Dalchenna near Inveraray (A83)
Map of run

The first run of the today was really hard going. The rain came down like a sheet and the wind was so strong that despite running as hard as I could, I hardly moved. The rain became even more intense and I could hardly see where I was going because I was getting so much water in my eyes. I had to shut one eye and have the other half open. Thankfully there was a white line on the side of the road, which I could barely see, but at least I was able to use it to guide me up the mountain. As I climbed out of Glen Croe I saw a sign saying Rest-and-be-Thankful, which I thought was very appropriate after such a long ascent.

The second run of the day was far better as the rain and wind turned to sun. I was approached by a woman who asked if she could run with me. Her sister drove a mile ahead and waited for her. It was nice to have some company and it made the time go quicker. The view approaching Inveraray was stunning and if the views like this continue around Scotland, it will be the most enjoyable part of my journey.

August 12th 1989, Saturday
Miles run today 25.2
Total miles run 1868.3
From Dalchenna near Inveraray (A83) to Lochgilphead
Map of run

The weather was windy and the rain and cold made the run much harder. I did manage 16 miles before lunch. As the weather was bad and there were no towns on route, we didn't do any fundraising. On the second run it was still raining but we got a lot of donations from people in passing cars that amounted to £40. Finishing the run just outside Lochgilphead on the A816 I marked up ready for tomorrows run.

I put together a news report and sent it out to Scotland Today and other news reporting television stations that we will reach on the journey.

I spoke to friends of mine in London and they are going to see Jeremy Brett in, The Secret of Sherlock Holmes at Wyndham's Theatre in London tonight. This is what I miss most, going out with friends to see a show and seeing Jeremy.


August 13th 1989, Sunday
Miles run today 26.2
Total miles run 1894.5
From Lochgilphead to Blaran (A816) Ulva Villa
Map of run

We set off at 8.45 a.m. and the weather was fine. The road was flat and hardly any cars passed by. The scenery was fabulous which made it such an enjoyable run along the A816. After an hour the mountains appeared and running got harder. By the time I reached 14 miles I was ready for a break. Lunch was had near Loch Craignish and with scenery so stunning; it makes me feel so lucky that I live on such an incredible planet. Planet Earth is really our Garden of Eden. I just hope we don't destroy it through pollution and our arrogance. We think we are the most intelligent species on this planet and yet with our wars, mass population, pollution of the seas and our annihilation of the rain forests, we are stupidity decimating a beautiful planet. I hope we wise up before it is too late.

After resting for two hours I set off again running a further 12 miles and finally finishing at a place called Blaran near the Braes of Lorn. After I marked up we drove into Oban thinking this would be the best place to get free accommodation, but we spent ages looking and in the end we had to get separate hotels.

August 14th 1989, Monday
Miles run today 25.1
Total miles run 1919.6
From Blaran (A816) Ulva Villa to Barcaldine
Map of run

We drove back to Blaran and I ran the 12 miles to Oban where we visited the Imperial Cancer Research Fund charity shop. The people working in the shop were pleased to see us and gave us coffee and biscuits. We stayed in Oban for 3 hours fundraising. I phoned Jane Arnell and she told me the Captain of the Cutty Sark had collected nearly £2000 from visitors to the ship and would present this to me when I finished the run. What fantastic news.

When I set off for the second run along the A85 it was pouring with rain. After about five miles of battling the weather, I saw a figure up ahead standing with legs apart and hand on hips. As I drew closer I realised by his clothes that he was a policeman . . . a not very happy policeman.
'What do you think you are doing?' he yelled.
I stifled a laugh at the way the tone of his voice had changed from a deep pitch on the first word to a high pitch by the time he had reached the last word.
'Do you know you have caused a five mile tailback,' he went on.
If the traffic was building up, Ted normally let me know with a beep of the vans horn and we would pull over and allow the traffic to pass before continuing our journey. But on this occasion Ted had chosen not to say anything to me. I can think of only two reasons why he did this. One he couldn't be bothered, and two, he was happy that as each car passed, the occupants made a donation. I never did find out why as I was busy talking my way out of trouble and trying to calm down one very upset policeman. At one point the policeman went on yelling for so long that I had visions of us spending the night in a police cell. But at least some good would come out of that as I wouldn't have to look for accommodation tonight. Eventually the policeman calmed down after some persuasion and forgave me for breaking numerous laws of the Highway Code. We were eventually allowed to continue once the traffic had returned to normal flow. I turned off onto the A828 and by now the wind had picked up and I was being buffeted from all sides. By the time I finished in Barcaldine, I was shattered.

After searching for a long time, we found free accommodation at the Stewart Hotel in Appin.

August 15th 1989, Tuesday
Miles run today 25.3
Total miles run 1944.9
From Barcaldine to North Ballachulish
Map of run

Starting from Barcaldine, I ran along the A828 at the edge of Loch Creran to Glasdrum and through Creagan and Appin. On completion of 16 miles, I took a break. As we were having lunch a police car approached and it was the policeman who had stopped us on the road yesterday. He was a lot calmer today, which was nice and he kindly asked me how the run was going. As we talked more I realised he was a very nice person.

The run continued along the A828 with a view of Loch Linnhe to my left. I was heading for North Ballachulish when a passenger in a passing car put a £1 note into the bucket attached to the wing mirror. Only problem was, they missed the bucket. Ted stopped the backup van and got out to pick the note up. As he did so the wind caught it and Ted had to run down the road after it. As he went to pick it up again, the wind caught it again. After several attempts Ted finally got hold of it. I couldn't help Ted because I was doubled up with laughter. That is the best laugh Ted has given me since the run started.

Today we raised £50 from passing motorists and we got accommodation very quickly at the Lodge on the Loch in Onich.

A former company that I used to work for, Chelsea Girl (now called River Island) gave a £100 donation towards expenses.

During the run today I had this overwhelming feeling that I should definitely take the 'Keep Hope Alive Run' to Northern Ireland. I know some of my friends and family are not going to be happy about it as the, ' Troubles' continue. But the feeling I had was so intense that it felt like some sort of celestial message. The feeling seemed to tell me that should I go to Northern Ireland, it will help the run considerably to raise more money.

August 16th 1989, Wednesday
Miles run today 22.6
Total miles run 1967.5
From North Ballachulish to Spean Bridge (A82)
Map of run

The run from North Ballachulish along the A82 was most enjoyable. With Loch Linnhe on my left and the lower reaches of Ben Nevis in the distant, what more could a girl want!! I completed 13 miles when we reached Fort William by 11 a.m. We were met by Stewart Cronnie from Imperial Cancer Research and a reporter from the local paper at the charity shop. We were given cakes and biscuits by the lady's who worked in the shop and an offer of accommodation, which we took as we knew it would be hard to find accommodation in Fort William at this time of year.

When I started the second run of the day it started to rain. After about six miles I got a really bad pain in my left thigh, but I carried on a few miles more until I reached Spean Bridge and then I called it a day.

August 17th 1989, Thursday
Miles run today 26
Total miles run 1993.5
From Spean Bridge (A82) to A87 near Loch Loyne
Map of run

It was another rainy day as I ran along the A82 from Spean Bridge passing Loch Lochy to my left. My left thigh seemed ok, which is amazing considering how painful it was when I finished running yesterday. As the run continued I got really cold and wet, so we stopped when I reached Invergarry, a run of 16 miles. Ted was really good by making me coffee and rolls to eat. As I rested, my leg got sore so I set off on the second run and still the rain continued. I felt very stiff for the first few miles and then the road got steeper, which in its own strange way, made it easier. I guess I could put it down to using different muscles in the legs when going uphill. As the road levelled out we saw a lot of people taking photos of the view. A few of them came over to give donations. Earlier in the day a man had taken a video of us and after he finished filming, he came up to me to shake my hand and to tell me that what I was doing was wonderful. It makes running a lot easier when you get support like that.

My sister Helen has managed to raise £150 to help with the cost of accommodation, food, petrol etc. This is on top of the £500 she managed to get from Dunhill's, the company she works for. My former work colleagues at Ealing Magistrates Court have been doing monthly collections to help with costs, so with this extra money from Helen as well, it should be enough to finish the run.


August 18th 1989, Friday
Miles run today 25.5
Total miles run 2019
From A87 near Loch Loyne to Shiel Bridge
Map of run

We reached 2000 miles this morning near Loch Cluanie on the A87. We stopped for a photo session despite the wind and rain. Ted made me laugh when he made funny expressions to show he was totally exhausted after reaching such a milestone. I carried on running to Cluanie Inn where we stopped for lunch. A gentleman gave us a £10 donation and said what a marvellous thing we are doing. I carried on running through Glen Shiel to Shiel Bridge and the views were again stunning. The more I see of Scotland, the more I realise it is the most fabulous place on earth. I have journeyed to many countries around the world including India with its Kashmir Valley, which has been called 'Paradise on Earth'. I have seen the Himalayas from Tibet and the strange and wonderful land of Ladakh. Many others places I have visited have taken my breath away with its beauty, but in all honesty, this journey through Scotland is the most beautiful of all.

In the evening I phoned Jeremy Brett and told him I had now run 2000 miles. He congratulated me and we had a brilliant discussion about many things. A few people could not understand why I wanted to go to Northern Ireland and thought the whole idea was dangerous. Others thought I should end the run as soon as possible and come home as the run has not generated enough money for Imperial Cancer Research. But Jeremy told me it was my run and no one should try to influence me. He went on to say, 'You know why you are doing this run and you know what God wants you to do, so you do what feels right.' He then told me how proud he was of me and that meant a lot.

As I thought about what Jeremy had said it made me realise that even though I am going through pain each day, I know it is for a reason. Whatever anyone says, I am doing what I really want to do. I am raising money for a great cause and I am proving to myself that I can make dreams come true. How many people have gone through life and wished they had made one of their dreams come true. Well I'm doing it and no one can take that away from me. I just wish that all people would realise that dreams and wishes are the starting point to making our desires a reality.


August 19th 1989, Saturday
Miles run today 25.5
Total miles run 2044.5
From Shiel Bridge to Strathcarron
Map of run

I felt awful during the run today, so much so that I felt like stopping, but I knew I had to keep going. The weather was the worse yet, really heavy rain. The course started flat on the A87 by Loch Duich, but it got really hilly during the last 13 miles along the A890.

After the run finished at 3.45 p.m. we didn't find accommodation until 8 p.m. We drove miles and miles, but we couldn't get two single rooms anywhere. We eventually found one single room in a B & B near the Kyle of Lochalsh and as Ted was looking really tired, I told him to take it. Ted wanted to know if I would be back later to have dinner with him but I didn't know where or when I would find accommodation. Luckily I came across a hotel in the same village. If only we had looked here in the first place, but hey ho, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I feel the next couple of weeks will be the toughest yet. The weather forecast is for more bad weather and accommodation might be difficult to find.


August 20th 1989, Sunday
Miles run today 26.4
Total miles run 2070.9
From Strathcarron to Annat
Map of run

Ted didn't enjoy his stay in the B & B. Also it was raining again and he was fed-up. I sympathised with him as yesterday had been really tough. Let's hope today is better.

I set of from Strathcarron on the A896 and soon I was running on single track roads. The views from Lochcarron onwards were mind blowing. I didn't think we could get any better than the views over the last few days, but this again was incredible. I could run forever with scenery like this. On the second run the rain got heavier. It was hard going but once you're wet, you're wet, so I just got on with it. We reached Annat near Loch Torridon and the village of Torridon. I had run over 26 miles so I marked up and we went in search of a hotel with the hope we wouldn't have to search as long as we did yesterday. The first hotel we came to was the Loch Torridon Hotel and even though they didn't have rooms available in the hotel they did have rooms in the boat house at £7.50 each. However, when the manager heard about my run and that we were fundraising for cancer research, he let us have it free. The reception lady was so helpful and said we could put our wet clothes in the hotel drying room. All the personnel were wonderful.

We had an evening meal at the hotel where we got talking to some of the hotel guests. We were told by one that some people who went into the Torridon Hills never came back. Their compass failed to work due to a metal compound in the soil. I wasn't sure how much of this story was true, but it did make a dramatic tale and we had fun listening to numerous stories of the surrounding area.


August 21st 1989, Monday
Miles run today 25.1
Total miles run 2096
From Annat to A832 near Kerrysdale
Map of run

My left ankle had swollen up last night. It had been sore the day before but I didn't think anything of it. It could be due to the uneven surface I have been running on. The single track roads are very uneven in places. I have strapped the ankle up for today's run.

The first ten miles along the A896 was really hard going. Not only was the ankle bothering me but I didn't get much sleep last night, so I felt washed out. However, help was at hand with the superb scenery that distracted me from the way I felt. I stopped running in Kinlochewe to see if I could get accommodation and have a coffee. The hotel didn't have room so I ran another 6 miles (17 miles in all) and stopped for lunch. Ted was still fed up with the weather so I only stopped for an hour and continued running. My ankle got very sore and the weather got worse but I was determined to finish 25 miles for the day. I marked up on the A832 about 3 ½ miles from Kerrysdale and then we drove to Gairloch where we hoped to find accommodation. There was no hotel accommodation so we paid for a B & B.

We read in the newspaper that in the early hours of Sunday morning, the pleasure boat, Marchioness sank on the River Thames and around fifty people have drowned. It seems a dredger called the Bowbelle hit it. This is terrible news and so upsetting.


August 22nd 1989, Tuesday
Miles run today 26.1
Total miles run 2122.1
From A832 (3 ½ miles from Kerrysdale) to Little Gruinard
Map of run

My ankle was still feeling sore and I was worried how it would stand up to the punishment of today's run. The weather was better today but very windy when I set off from where I marked up yesterday on the A832. After about six miles I reached Gairloch and the views were magnificent. Lots of people were given us donations and many got out of their cars to clap and cheer us on. It made us feel so much better. We stopped in Poolewe and went straight to the Poolewe Hotel where we managed to get free accommodation. I carried on running to Little Gruinard passing Loch Ewe on the way and Gruinard Bay where Gruinard Island could be seen in the distance.

I am glad to say that so far I have not been affected by midges. Maybe the bad weather has scared them off.

I phoned my parents in the evening and dad was annoyed that I have decided to go to Northern Ireland. The ' Troubles' in Northern Ireland was a concern and I could understand how worried he was for me. But this run isn't about politics, it's about trying to bring cancer to a nearer end and I feel it is worth the risk. I tried to explain this to my father, but he was really annoyed and banged the phone down on me.


August 23rd 1989, Wednesday
Miles run today 26.2
Total miles run 2148.3
From Little Gruinard to the A835 Braemore Junction
Map of run

The weather was awful and most of the route was uphill. I was feeling really depressed because I am running my guts out every day and people are having a go at me for going to Northern Ireland. My father doesn't see the point in extending the run when we are not collecting that much money and mum wants me home as soon as possible. Even some people at Imperial Cancer Research have questioned my reasons. The thing is they don't see what I see each day. We are helping people, especially those who have lost a loved one to cancer. It pleases them to know that someone is trying to help end a disease that has been with us long enough.

On the second run I didn't feel very well at all. I felt really tired and wanted to lie down and go to sleep, but that wasn't an option. The run continued on top of a mountain road and the wind and the rain got even more atrocious. I also had stomach cramps so after 26 miles I was so glad to finish. Thankfully we managed to get free accommodation at the Mercury Hotel in Ullapool.

I decided not to call home as all I would get is hassle. However, I did speak to Jeremy Brett who said that taking the run to Northern Ireland wasn't a bad thing as the Imperial Cancer Research Fund would get more money. He also said that he would like to take the play he was in to Belfast and he had no fear about going there.


August 24th 1989, Thursday
Miles run today 25.6
Total miles run 2173.9
From the A835 Braemore Junctione to the A835 near Knockan
Map of run

I phoned my father in the morning and he had calmed down and had a rethink about me going to Northern Ireland. He apologised for banging the phone down on me. I do understand his concern. I really do. But I do want to get as much money as I can for the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and sometimes we have to do things that are a little bit dangerous for the good of the cause. Ted also sees little point in going to Northern Ireland, but I do believe it will bring about the publicity we need to get more donations.

Today's run took me along the A835 from Braemore Junction passing Loch Broom and the small town of Ullapool. We stopped here for lunch and I got free accommodation at the Four Seasons Hotel. I am coming across more cattle grids on the road and it has become a dangerous game crossing them. As I have pledged to run every single step around the United Kingdom I have to make sure I land on the bars of the grid rather than the space in between otherwise I could injure an ankle and that won't be convenient. The next part of the run continued on the A835 passing the mountains of Coigach. The tallest mountain is Ben More Coigach, which is shaped like a long table top. The run finished near Knockan.


August 25th 1989, Friday
Miles run today 25
Total miles run 2198.9
From the A835 near Knockan Crag to the A894 near the Duartmore Junction
Map of run

When I woke up my left ankle was really sore and I wondered how long I would be able to run for. I started running on the A835 near Knockan and this took me to the A837 near Ledmore. There were some high mountains to run over but as the scenery was fantastic, I didn't have any difficulty getting over them. I passed through the hamlet of Inchnadamph and the road then touched the edge of Loch Assynt before turning off at Skiag Bridge and onto the A894. Further on, we went by Quinag Mountain through Kylestrome and finally finished at Duartmore Forest. We managed to get free accommodation at the Inchnadamph Hotel. I went to the nearest loch and put my feet into the water. It was freezing cold but I hope it helps to bring down the swelling on my ankle. Helen Morrison the manageress of the hotel has been superb. Apart from free accommodation we were given free breakfast and an evening meal. Also £50 was raised for our cause.


August 26th 1989, Saturday
Miles run today 26.1
Total miles run 2225
From the A894 near the Duartmore Forest to A838 Farrmheall
Map of run

As I left the Inchnadamph Hotel I thanked the manageress of the hotel and she said it was a pleasure and honour to have us there. Helen Morrison was her name and a fine lady she is too. I will always remember her kindness.

After putting my ankle in the cold water of the loch yesterday it felt easier when I started my first run of the day. After six miles I came across a hotel and asked for accommodation. The manager said he was full but he was kind enough to give us a £10 donation. A mile later I came across the village of Scourie and a hotel with the same name. The manager, Mr Hay was only too willing to help and not only did he give us free accommodation but also dinner. I didn't even have to explain fully what I was doing. Once he heard I was running for cancer research, he just couldn't help enough. That is what is so inspiring about this run. The way people are so willing to help and how they really appreciate what I'm doing.

The run continued on to Laxford Bridge and the edge of Loch Inchard. Then further up the road a car stopped. I wondered why as it wasn't one of the best places to pull over. As I reached the car everyone inside started clapping and cheering. It was a fantastic feeling. The people then gave us a donation.

The scenery again was out of this world and it is truly euphoric when you see something so beautiful. It makes you realise that life didn't happen by chance and the Earth and Universe wasn't created by a ' Big Bang' alone. There is more to it and the answer lies within us, if we look hard enough. We are all born from the same all powering force of unconditional love, but we seem to have forgotten it. But whether we remember or not doesn't matter if we realise that when we help others, we help ourselves.


August 27th 1989, Sunday
Miles run today 25.1
Total miles run 2250.1
From the A838 Farrmheall Mountain to the A838 just past Eriboll
Map of run

In the morning we said goodbye to Mr Hay at the Scourie Hotel. Not only had he given us free accommodation, food, free telephone calls, he even gave us a £20 donation. People have been so kind in Scotland especially in the Highlands.

It was a dull day with drizzle. I felt very tired and found it hard going. The run took me from Farrmheall Mountain on the A838 along the single track road passing Durness and around Loch Eriboll and finishing in the village with the same name.

Planning for the run to Northern Ireland has required some work. Ted won't go unless accommodation is booked for every day, so I will have to write to all the hotels with the hope they will give us free accommodation. The Royal Ulster Constabulary wants to know our exact route, so I have sent them a plan. A ferry is needed for the crossing and I have to make sure I stay fit as the dates cannot be changed.

Tonight a lady at the Parkhill Hotel in Durness, where we got free accommodation, told me that what I was doing took tremendous courage and it was for a wonderful cause. The lady gave me £20 and said I should keep it for myself but I will of course give it to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. Two employees at the hotel gave us £5 and they told me that both their husbands had died of cancer.


August 28th 1989, Monday
Miles run today 25.1
Total miles run 2275.2
From the A838 just past Eriboll to the B871
Map of run

Before setting off Ted and I had a full Scottish Breakfast. The breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, white pudding, beans and plenty of toast. On some occasions we have also had haggis for breakfast. I have not found it a problem running on a full stomach and obviously Ted hasn't found it a problem driving either. However, I am burning off the calories as I run and Ted is not!

Before I started running I bandaged my ankle to keep the swelling down. It seemed to work and it was a little less painful. The route was the hardest yet. There were so many mountains to run up and down. I had started from just outside the village of Erboll on the A838. I touched the edge of Loch Hope and onwards to the village of Tongue where the road became the A836. The crafting township of Coldbackie came next and I continued on until I reached the corner of the B871. I was worn out at the end. During the run two young men got out of their car and asked if they could run along with me. They were really nice and both came from Newcastle and one of them was a rock climbing instructor. They completed a mile with me, which made the time go quicker.

I spoke to Jeremy Brett in the evening and he asked if I was going to Northern Ireland. I said yes and he gave me his full support.

Ted was in a really good mood today, which is great. It makes life a lot easier when I know he is happy.

I typed out letters for the hotels in Northern Ireland. I haven't heard yet from the RUC but I hope I hear soon that we have been given the all clear to go so I can then contact the media. The Imperial Cancer Research in Scotland had told me that we would be filmed by the BBC at John O'Groats, but so far I haven't heard anything from them. I will contact them tomorrow.

Mum and dad have got used to the idea of me going to Northern Ireland. This helps a lot and has taken a lot of pressure off me.


August 29th 1989, Tuesday
Miles run today 25
Total miles run 2300.2
From the corner of the B871 to Isauld (A836)
Map of run

The run along the A836 was again hilly as I passed through Bettyhill and onto Melvich where we stopped for lunch. I tried to get accommodation there but the hotel was full. Ted and I rested for about one and half hours and then I carried on running to Isauld, completing a total of 25 miles. As I was marking up a pretty little girl with a huge smile came up to me and gave me fifty pence. I love it when children take the time to give a donation and talk to me. It is a good feeling to know that someone so young cares about what I'm doing.

I phoned the BBC and no one knew about us being filmed in John O'Groats, so an opportunity has been lost. I still haven't heard from the RUC about us coming to Northern Ireland. If they don't contact me soon, I will assume they don't mind us coming and we will go anyway. I will again write to the media to see if they will pick up on my story.


August 30th 1989, Wednesday
Miles run today 25.5
Total miles run 2325.7
From Isauld (A836) to Mey (A836)
Map of run

Ran ten miles to Thurso in the morning. My ankle was sore and I got a twinge in my right hip. Ted raised funds in the town and I went shopping for supplies and made some phone calls. I phoned the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London and a member of staff told me that a Sergeant Murdoch of the RUC had contacted them and I needed to speak to her. I called her immediately and she was extremely nice and helpful. Sergeant Murdoch said she would try and get us permits for fundraising and there is no problem with the route I have chosen. However, there are two areas where I should not fundraise, Londonderry and Strabane. In fact it would be better if I didn't go into Strabane at all, but go around it as it is one of the more problems areas. She told me I am very brave for running around the UK.

After staying in Thurso for a couple of hours, I ran another six miles and stopped for lunch. My right thigh was becoming a problem and I worried whether I could go on. We rested for an hour and half and I continued running to the remote village of Mey. My thigh seemed a little better but felt sore after the run.

We had difficulty getting accommodation so we settled for B & B.


August 31st 1989, Thursday
Miles run today 26.1
Total miles run 2351.8
From Mey (A836) to Thrumster ( A9)
Map of run

Ran about six miles to John O'Groats and we took a couple of quick photos. There was no point in staying any longer as there were no reporters to meet us. I then carried on running towards Wick. It was windy and the course was fairly flat, but for some reason I found it hard going. It could be that the hard runs through the Highlands have caught up with me or my body doesn't like running on flat roads. I finished the run at Thrumster on the A9. We had a lot of trouble finding accommodation and settled for the Gartymore Guest House in Wick. Once the owner Mrs Maureen Miller knew I was running for cancer research, she gave us free accommodation.




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